A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Caution! A giant asteroid is on a direct course to Earth!

As the mayor of your city, it is your task to research a rocket that is powerful enough to destroy the asteroid.
Nuclear bomb test areas can encourage the generation of students and professors, but could pose a risk.

Humanity puts all their hope in you. You must not disappoint them.

About Me
My name is LegoFighter. I am 27 years old and study computer science in Hamburg. This is my first computer game and the result of the olcCodeJam2019.  

About the Idea
I wanted to do something with tiles. The rest came up during the thinking phase.

Important Note
I need your support! The balancing of the game is provisional.
Since this is a very resource-heavy strategy game, and I didn't have much time for balancing, we have to start with bad balancing. I'm open for any kind of feedback. 

I will be also active on the discord server for good conversations!

Object-Oriented at the moment, but...
If the response to the game is good, I will convert parts of the game with the Unity 3D DOTS. This will help us to get incredible performance and increase the graphical performance. There will be no judder when firing 200 rockets at the same time.


I wrote this game in 70 hours.

Source Code





destruction_avoid_linux_alpha_v9.zip 25 MB
destruction_avoid_windows_alpha_v9.7z 17 MB
destruction_avoid_windows_alpha_v9.zip 23 MB
destruction_avoid_macos_alpha_v9.app.zip 23 MB


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When I try to unzip the windows version it says "Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect"

I checked my harddisk with no errors and unziping other files works as intended.

I will reupload.

See if the 7z File works for you.

works ! :-)